Upper Ojai, Ventura CountyVICE

Each year we take the viognier that is not used in the Roll Ranch syrah to a commercial freezer in Oxnard, California. A week later the frozen grapes come back to the winery and we press it off immediately and make ice wine. The pressing produces 42+ brix grape juice that is barrel fermented. Yeast convert the sugar to alcohol until it reaches nine or ten percent. At that point we stop the fermentation and if all goes well we bottle it in February-fresh, exuberantly flowery, fruity viognier that keeps its sense of liveliness because of its low alcohol. This wine is very popular with lovers of dessert wines, and this 2006 version will not disappoint!

Blend: 100% Viognier | Alcohol: 10.0% | Vinification: 100% Neutral French Oak | Barrel Aging: 7 Months | Total Production: 263 cases