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Our Story

The wines we make today are a culmination of four decades pursuing excellence with the fruit grown in our region. We believe that a history like ours is an asset only insofar as it is defined by evolution. Craft is not an overnight sensation; it is the step by step progress that only comes from intuition and experience.

What We Believe In

  • Independence

    We’ve remained wholly independent and painstakingly dedicated to refining the myriad decisions we make each year to produce world-class wine.

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  • Intention

    Adam pursued his vision of making natural wines that spoke of the place that they were grown, taking risks to produce wines where, as much as possible, nothing is added and nothing taken away.

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  • Excellence

    From Stockholm to New York, our wines are poured in the finest restaurants because the quality and value of The Ojai Vineyard is understood by wine professionals around the world.

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