Santa Maria ValleyPNBN

In a year known for high yields, these 35-year-old vines produced exactly two tons per acre, which isn’t much. The small crop didn’t come naturally though-the winter before we had record rainfall, which induced the vines to grow with excessive vigor and set a huge crop of fruit. However, vineyard manager Chris Hammell went through our block innumerable times correcting the excesses, attending to every conceivable detail. By the time he was done there wasn’t much fruit left, but every cluster was perfect. At harvest the weather was mild, giving us lots of time to decide on the right moment for picking. The result is one of the most delicious Bien Nacido pinot noirs I can remember. I find myself suspicious of its quality because it is so easy to enjoy.

The moment you pour it from the bottle it is so effusive! The wine is an aromatic bombshell. While fatty and richly flavored, there is a small bite of tannin and acidity in the finish that has you grabbing the bottle for a second glass. Yum.

Blend: 100% Pinot Noir | Alcohol: 14.0% | Vinification: 30% New French Oak | Barrel Aging: 15 Months | Total Production: 378 cases