Upper Ojai, Ventura CountySYR

This wine is an example of trying to craft the best that a vineyard site can produce. We’ve found that the way to produce the best possible product is to repress any natural thrifty tendency, and focus on doing our best work no matter the cost. Ultimately it’s more gratifying.

This wine was a true test of our standards. As you probably know, the Roll Ranch is always popular, and sells out quickly. In 2001 we had a very late frost in the spring that caused the vines to have a small crop and a later harvest. Two separate clones of syrah are planted at Roll, and each reacted differently to the conditions of the growing season. The “estrella” clone was perfect. It produced an intense, peppery and complete wine, while the other clone, “Durrell,” made a delicious but altogether facile wine. There was really very little of the Durrell that could be added to the estrella without diluting the excellent estrella. I knew I would notice if the two wines were blended, so I didn’t.

I have received only rave reviews from friends who have tasted this wine, so I’m sure you will like it too. It is even better than the delicious 2000. The only problem is that, because of the selection process, there is very little available