Santa Rita HillsPNCP

Last year’s Clos Pepe was a fascinating wine, and with some age will become something special and enjoyable. The 2001 is a completely different animal in that it was showy in the barrel, and, with a year in bottle, it has become only more so. It is not subtle, but it shows more clearly what a great vineyard site Clos Pepe is.

I will be the first to admit that a major reason this wine is as it is, is because Wes’s tractor broke down the day before we wanted to pick these grapes. So much for a year’s worth of planning to make the best pinot noir on the planet! On the other hand, the hot spell that commenced in the three days between when I wanted to pick these grapes and the actual picking wasn’t all bad. Sure, the wine is over the topā€¦but it is so good! The zinging acidity that is inherent in where these grapes are grown is a great counterpoint to this wine’s incredible intensity of flavor. This ain’t Burgundy, but it is (in my opinion) a great success.