Camp 4


Camp 4 is a great home for Mediterranean grape varietals. This vineyard has provided the Carignane component of our rosé since 2015. We just started making the Vermentino in 2020, and we’re completely enamoured with our first two releaeses. Camp 4 is just west of the Happy Canyon area, within the sunny interior of the Santa Ynez Valley. The vineyard was planted by the late Fess Parker in 1999. It consists of 256 acres of vines spread across gently rolling terrain, with beautiful valley oaks dotted throughout. Today the vineyard is owned by the Santa Ynez Chumash tribe, which purchased the property back in 2010. Though it can be quite warm in this locale, the mushrooming hot air further inland pulls the cooler ocean air over this area during the evening. The vines express the sunshine of the area while maintaining freshness and mineral cut.